Our Operation

Our mine is an open pit operation with complex components and equipment. It includes overland conveyors and plant equipment such as the primary crusher and mills. We use automation and advanced technology processes to manage operation and maintenance equipment. We also have drilling, loading, hauling and ancillary equipment. 

Our production process starts with the extraction of ore from Ferrobamba, one of the three deposits of our concession. The ore is then crushed and transported on a 5km overland conveyor to a conventional flotation circuit where the copper and molybdenum concentrate is produced. The concentrate is transferred to a molybdenum circuit for further processing.

Operational excellence

Our mine is a modern, efficient operation that works to the highest standards. We started commercial production in July 2016. Our 2016 annual production and quality of concentrate exceeded MMG's guidance for the first year of operation.

Our strong production helped Peru rank second in copper production in 2016.