Number of beneficiaries

104 young people



Project execution period

2009 - 2015.


Apurímac, Cusco, Lima and Arequipa.


Help children from Fuerabamba complete secondary school so they can choose and pursue a degree in a Peruvian university or institute. Comply with the agreements made in the areas of education, culture and sports, as part of the counterproposal made by the community.


The scholarship program includes a set of rules prepared between the company, the community and the Education Committee, and approved during a community meeting. The children of community residents submit their scholarship application to community leaders when being admitted to a higher education centre. This application is approved through meeting minutes in a community assembly. Later, the community requests our company to sign an agreement with each beneficiary, and beneficiaries receive the program rules.

So far, 104 students have participated in the scholarship program, 34 of which have completed their studies. Some of them work inside and outside the company. Seven students dropped out and one passed away; 62 students are pursuing higher education.

The scholarship program includes food, accommodations, study materials, tuition and monthly fees, if necessary. Through the program, students can enrol in a public or private technical institute or university in any region in the country.