Number of beneficiaries

524 families



Project execution period

2008 - 2015


Yavi Yavi Agricultural and Livestock Property, Colquemarca district, Chumbivilcas province, Cusco region.


Replace land for agriculture and livestock development in the Fuerabamba community and promote livestock farming – especially cattle and sheep – by improving production and productivity. The goal is to improve families’ nutrition through consumption of meat and dairy products. Surplus food may be traded in the main markets of the region. We also seek to ensure food safety of families through the consumption of native potatoes cultivated in that property.

Los excedentes pueden ser comercializados en los principales mercados de la región. Se garantiza también la seguridad alimentaria de las familias a través del consumo de las papas nativas que se cultivan en este fundo.


The project involves creating appropriate conditions for agricultural and livestock farming in the Fuerabamba community by:

  • Preparing areas to grow native potatoes and ulluco
  • Building training infrastructure
  • Building and fitting out a barn for dairy cattle and sheds for sheep
  • Building a dairy plant
  • Building a silo to store forage
  • Planting annual and permanent forage to feed dairy cattle
  • Performing maintenance of and operating irrigation systems for permanent pastures
  • Providing improved cattle and sheep breeders to enhance the quality of Criollo cattle owned by community families
  • Promoting trout reproduction through fish farms
  • Breeding guinea pigs in sheds
  • Providing electricity to the Yavi Yavi Property, through Electro Sur Este (ELSE)
  • Improving native grassland through agricultural livestock mesh fencing, preserving pastures for cattle
  • Improving infrastructure of community dining hall and accommodations for Nueva Fuerabamba families

The aforementioned activities were part of the agreements made with the Fuerabamba community under the resettlement agreement.