Public service announcement

October 20, 2016

Las Bambas, as noted from the outset, deeply regrets the death of Quintino Huisa Cereceda and wounded Peruvian National Police, as a result of the events on Friday, October 14th. Nothing justifies the loss of a human life.

The company considers it appropriate to specify the following:

Regarding the road Quehuira – Huancuire:

- In 2014 the Provincial Municipality of Cotabambas approved and incorporated to its road inventory, the Quehuira – Huancuire road from the province of Cotabambas. The same was also requested to the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) so they would nest such road in the same way; as a neighborhood road.

- Thus the MTC Directorate of Roads and Railways, in November of the same year, states that this road will form part of the local road network and will be incorporated into a new Update of the Route Sorter National Highway System (SINAC).

- Such process took 20 months, being published in July 2016 by Supreme Decree No. 011-2016-MTC, whereby the Updated version of the Route Sorter SINAC was approved. It is noteworthy that said Sorter includes a list of all national, departmental or regional, and neighborhood or Cottage road routes.

Regarding the meeting held in the community of Pumamarca:

- At the meeting that took place on Wednesday, October 12, held in the rural community of Pumamarca between representatives of the National Dialogue and Sustainability office, the company, the PNP, Provincial Deputy Prefect of Cotabambas and Prosecutor of Tambobamba; various topics were discussed. However, the interruption of road Quehuira - Huancuire was not, as recorded in the minutes.

- In addition, it is important to note that at such meeting, it was agreed to continue the meetings as of October 24 of this year, to discuss other issues not related to the disruption of the road, a situation that would be dealt with directly between the municipal authorities and government (Procuratorate, and Provincial Governor PNP) without the participation of the company.

Regarding the request for heavy machinery:

- On Thursday 13 October the Peruvian National Police (PNP) informs us that they had made the decision to carry out an operation with the purpose of releasing the road interrupted with ditches, since after a meeting between representatives of the community, the PNP, the provincial Deputy Prefect of Cotabambas, Tambobamba Commissioner and the Prosecutor of Tambobamba without the participation of the company, they had not reached an agreement on the restoration of free transit.

- On Friday 14, through official letter No. 135-2016-REGPOL-APURIMAC / DIVPOS-ABANCAY the PNP asked us to support them with heavy machinery to cover the ditches and restore the interrupted road of 6 days.

- The Las Bambas Mining Company, in strict compliance with the provisions of the existing legal framework accepts the official request received. Indeed, as provided for in Article 5 of Legislative Decree 1148, Law of the Peruvian National Police"(...) natural and legal persons are obliged to support the Peruvian National Police, where the circumstances so require in the performance of their duties ". To do otherwise would involve the crime of disobedience to the authority.

Las Bambas reiterates its commitment to continue working for the development of the surrounding communities, and the Apurimac region of Peru.

We call on all parties to continue the dialogue as the only mechanism to achieve the common good and social peace.

Minera Las Bambas S.A.