Public Announcement

September 30, 2015

Las Bambas deeply regrets the recent violence occurred in the vicinity of our project, which have caused death, as well as personal and property damage. We sympathize with the families of the victims, both from the population and the police force.

Over the years, Las Bambas has demonstrated its great ability to work with communities in the area of influence, and has posed unique social models in its kind; a demonstration of this is that surrounding communities have not joined the strike.

Our company has always acted according to the rule of law and order, maintaining a permanent disposition to dialogue. We reject the accusations made by the violent groups that today have carried out criminal acts and have invaded our facilities.

We expect that the demonstrators that have generated these actions will decline their actions. We are confident that the national authorities will find the best ways to restore peace in the area.

Minera Las Bambas S.A.