Las Bambas complies with strict protocol for the mobilisation and demobilisation of its people

April 29, 2020
  1. In compliance with the State of National Emergency and in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), Las Bambas has been carrying out critical activities at its operation with the minimum necessary personnel and observing the obligatory social isolation that guarantees the health of its workers.
  2. Las Bambas confirms that no case of COVID-19 has been identified among our workers and contractors within the mining camp. We continue to strengthen strict compliance with our Guidelines in the face of COVID-19 with the aim of preventing the risk of contagion within our operations.
  3. As part of our Guidelines for the demobilisation and mobilisation of personnel working in Las Bambas in the face of COVID-19, as a preventive measure, our medical personnel have been making medical visits to workers at their homes in order to assess their health and fitness to travel to the operation. As part of these visits and eight days prior to when our personnel are due to travel to site, rapid tests are carried out on all employees due to travel to the operation. This same test is carried out on a second occasion on the personnel that proved fit after the first evaluation, the same day of and as a prerequisite to being able to transit to the operation.
  4. If any positive case of COVID-19 is confirmed as a result of this procedure, the employee will have to comply with home social isolation for 15 days, in compliance with our guidelines and the provisions of the protocol of the Peruvian Ministry of Health.
  5. These screening actions are included within our Guidelines relating to COVID-19, which was implemented immediately after the State of Emergency was decreed by the Peruvian Government, and has as its main objective to protect the health of our employees and contractors.
  6. We want to reiterate that the wellbeing, health and safety of Las Bambas workers and contractors is our priority, and we will continue to do everything in our power to preserve their health and wellbeing and continue to join forces against this disease.

Apurímac, 29 April 2020