Number of beneficiaries

3.457 people, including adults and children; and 85 families.



Project execution period

2007 - 2015


  1. Pumamarca community
  2. Antuyo (a hamlet in the Choquecca community)
  3. Choquecca community
  1. Huancuire community
  2. Ccontahuire (a hamlet in the Huancuire community)
  3. Hanccochire (a hamlet in the Huancuire community)
  4. Totora (a hamlet in the Huancuire community)
  1. Chumille community
  2. Quehuira community
  3. Saccana (a hamlet in the Quehuira community)
  4. Manuel Seoane Corrales community
  5. Subdivision in the Los Álamos neighbourhood
  6. Chila community
  7. Choaquere community
  8. Carmen Alto neighbourhood
  9. Señor de Huanca neighbourhood
  10. Chicñahui community
  11. Chuicuni community
  1. Record Cconccacca community


  • Increase learning skills of children from the communities that have a PREB
  • Strengthen skills and performance of teachers and rural promoters working at a PREB


The PREB program supplements and integrates children’s learning at home and school, and turns PREB premises into appropriate areas for them to feel welcomed and encouraged to interact with their classmates. PREB also enhances and improves knowledge of school subjects, and social skills, leading to harmonious coexistence with their natural, social and cultural milieu. Children’s learning is based on values such as responsibility, punctuality and solidarity. The PREB organise hands-on learning workshops, actively engaging teachers and parents, who are organised in management committees. In this way, participants take an active role in the management of the program, ensuring its sustainability.

The program includes strategic activities such as training local promoters, institutionalising management committees and engaging local and community authorities, who will later directly administer the PREB.

PREB also broadcasts a radio show on Sundays at 9 am with educational content. The program addresses topics related to the civic and community calendar, and also provides advice for teachers, promoters, authorities and parents. There are currently 19 PREBs in place.