Mejora e instalación de pastos cultivados con riego por aspersión

Number of beneficiaries

290 families



Project execution period

2006 - 2009


Fuerabamba, Huancuire and Pamputa communities.


Improve existing pastures and plant cultivated pastures through sprinkler irrigation to strengthen cattle and sheep farming by setting up modules for Brown Swiss cattle and Corriedale sheep.


The main economic activity of families is breeding cattle and Criollo sheep; however, production rates are below regional and domestic levels. To face this situation, we launched a project to plant permanent pastures (and associated species) in enclosed areas, plant cultivated pastures through sprinkler irrigation systems, and fence areas for natural pastures in each community. We also organised training workshops in cattle management for families.

We built, fitted out and delivered three operational barns for cattle and two barns for sheep; three productive modules for Brown Swiss cattle and three modules for Corriedale sheep; three hectares of permanent, associated pastures per cattle and sheep module; and five hectares of annual pastures produced and stored in hays and silos. The Community Livestock Farming Committee is in charge of managing these components.